The AMS PDA is seen in House of The Dead 3 , House of The Dead 4, House of The Dead 4 Special and House of the Dead: Scarlet Dawn. The original PDA is seen in the fourth game, an updated PDA is seen in Scarlet Dawn, and a (possibly) old version is seen in the third game. The AMS PDA is used for several things, such as identifying weakpoints of bosses, chosing between paths, (THoTD4 , THoTD4 SP, Scarlet Dawn), detecting incoming enemies (THoTD4, THoTD4 SP), and self - destructing. (Possibly in all games) 

The PDA came into House of The Dead to replace the original book formula that was used to show the boss weakpoints in the first two games. Like the book weakpoint system, the PDA doesn't show the weakpoints of the final boss; classifying them as 'unknown' (or, in the third game: 'analysis is impossible'). 



  • Oddly enough, the PDA shown in "The House of the Dead 4" is shown to be capable of producing an subatomic explosion, yet Kate Green, who was standing just meters from the explosion, walks away unharmed. It is unknown why the PDA could produce such a powerful explosion and how Kate could survive the explosion (Kate surviving the explosion was probably a director oversight, or a deliberate mistake)