Bently is a bloated zombie related to Samson. He appears in The House of the Dead and first encountered in the second chapter Revenge.

Bestiary Overview Edit

Like Samson, Bently is heavy-set in appearance. Just like other zombies from the first game, Bently's skin are light-blue. He is shirtless but still wearing blue jeans. He sports with multiple burnt-markings on his body; including the lower part of his stomach, right bicep, and the left side of his face. His eyes are pale-white but missing his left eye. He is also completely bald.

His burnt-markings from the arcade, PC, and Sega Saturn are different. From the arcade and Sega Saturn port, his burnt-markings are green in color. But in the PC port, his burnt-markings are pink.

Offense Edit

Upon encountering, Bently throw barrels or drums at the player. After done throwing, he'll rush towards the player. Finish him off quickly because he has high strength.

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