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The BossesEdit

Here are the Bosses:

The House of the Dead - ChariotHangedmanHermitMagician.

The House of the Dead 2 - JudgmentHierophant, Tower, Strength, MagicianEmperor.

The House of the Dead 3 - DeathFoolSun, Wheel of Fate.

The House of the Dead 4/Special - JusticeLovers, Empress, Temperance, Star, The World, Magician.

The House of the Dead: Overkill/ Extended Cut- Jasper Guns, Coco and SindyScreamer, Nigel and Sebastian, Meat KatieCrawler, Lobber, Brutus, Mother

The House of the DeadEdit

Chariot: The Red Scar at the right breastplate.

Hangedman: It's Whole Body.

Hermit: It's Face.

Magician: It's Exposed Muscles.

The House of the Dead 2Edit

Judgement: Zeal.

Hierophant: Exposed Heart in it's chest.

Tower: Mouth of each snakes.

Strength: It's Head.

Magician: It's Exposed Muscles.

Emperor: Heart-like Organ and some weaknesses of Previous bosses.

The House of the Dead IIIEdit

Death: His Head.

Fool: It's Paws/Claws.

Sun: It's Tentacles, Serpent Head and Human Head Trunk.

Wheel of Fate: A Glowing Mechanism on it's chest.

The House of the Dead 4/SpecialEdit

Justice: His Tongue

Lovers: The Male on top of the much larger female

Empress: Her Head.

Temperance: His Head.

Star: The Large Scar on his chest and his Head when his hood falls off.

The World: His Red Heart in the slit on his chest

Magician: It's Exposed Muscles.

The House of the Dead: Overkill/Extended CutEdit

Jasper Guns: His Head 

Coco and Sindy: Coco

Screamer: Her Head and Chest

Nigel and Sebastian: Sebastian

Meat Katie: Her Cow-like Udder

The Crawler: It's Insectoid Arms and Head

The Lobber: His Head and Arms

Brutus: His Weaponized Right Arm

Mother: Her Head