Bruno in the first time he appears while using the BRUNO COSTUME in The House of The Dead 2

Bruno is a character from the Dynamite Deka series by Sega AM1. The costume can be unlocked at Chapter 6 in The House of the Dead 2.

Appearance He appears to wear a sleeveless shirt and shorts, He also wears a pair of Gloves.


Bruno, With the injured G

How to Get the Costume To get the Bruno Costume, Play on Original mode then First, go to Chapter 6, then, try to reach the room before the stairs leading to Caleb Goldman's room, Shoot the two Erics near before you exit the room trying to slash you, If you do, Shoot the the tiny thingamajig used to open the LEFT door,If done correctly, Later on, A maid will give you the BRUNO COSTUME.


Like other costumes you use in Original Mode, they will still sound like James or Gary.