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Cyril attacking the player.

Cyril is a brown-shirted Zombie that is armed with two axes. Cyril is the predecessor to Johnny, who appears in both The House of the Dead 2 and The House of the Dead III. It is the second zombie encountered in the franchise, being first encountered in the entrance of Curien Manor. They take up to 4 bullets to kill and can be quite a problem on high difficulty.

Cyril has been a sort of Icon to THoTD series as he has been the idea for several different zombies in the game alongside Johnny; the face of THoTD2. These successors to Cyril include a zombie almost identical to Johnny from the fourth game; Trevor, who is the only axe - wielding zombie which is seen in several places without any weapons.

Bestiary OverviewEdit

Like any other undead being within the game, Cyril has green slime on his right portion cheek. His eyes are white and his skin is blue. His choice of weapons are two axes which can be used to attack by close range or by throwing at distances.



Cyril ranting about zombies being perceived as "bad guys" at a seminar.

  • Cyril makes a cameo in the 2012 animated Walt Disney Studios film, Wreck-It Ralph.

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