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Agent "G" is one of the main characters of The House of the Dead video game series. He is also the most recurring character.

It was hinted in the first game's manual that he is in fact a cyborg, though the third game disproves this because of his aging (possibly Sega just accepted the fact). James also notices G's bloodstains in the corner of a street during the second game. For the moment, what G actually is, is unknown, but he is biological at the very least, with his aging and bleeding. He also possesses a very "digital" personality in the first game, though by the third game, this seems to have disappeared, and he acts very much like an ordinary human. This may be because of experience in life or just another acceptance.


The House of the Dead: OverkillEdit

G's first mission after graduating from the AMS academy is to investigate the mysterious disappearance of people in Bayou City in Louisiana. He teams up with Detective Issac Washington in this installment. In this game, his overall character has changed considerably (possibly because he's in his younger days). He still wears black clothing but now sports sunglasses. His personality is more witty with a snappy voice to accompany it.

The House of the Dead Edit

On December 18th, 1998, G, alongside his partner Thomas Rogan, were sent to Curien's mansion to investigate a distress call from Rogan's fiancee, Sophie Richards (which was cut off mid-message). He and Rogan traveled through the mansion, defeating hordes of Curien's artificially-created undead. Among the hundreds of evil undead that they fought, G and Rogan also defeated Chariot, a bardic-he wielding armored zombie responsible for Sophie's (possibly) fatal injuries; Hangedman, a flying bird-like mutant; Hermit, a spider-like mutant; and Curien's ultimate design and one of the Heavenly Kings, Magician.

The House of the Dead 2 Edit

In the year 2000, G was sent to investigate the CEO of DBR corporation, Caleb Goldman. He set up a meeting with some fellow agents in a library; however, Goldman released his horde of undead before they could meet. G was injured in the process and was found by James and Gary in the library where they were supposed to meet. G handed James his file containing data from his investigation. This file contained the weak points of some of the bosses that James and Gary would face and more. He probably gathered them through his investigation or by battling down these bosses himself. He also made a incomplete sketch of The Emperor, which was probably the cause of his injuries.

The House of the Dead 4 & SpecialEdit

Three years later after the events of HotD2, during the World Collapse (in House of The Dead 4 Special), G rescued Kate Green from a horde of zombies and they teamed up together to find "The Source" (it is unknown how he got across this information), and they battle their way through the city into an underground laboratory with many farming pools for the undead. They faced a resurrected (or maybe cloned) Magician(Type 0) at the end. In one of the House of The Dead 4 endings, G revisited the site where James sacrificed himself to defeat The World saying that he has found the Source.

The House of the Dead 3 Edit

During 2019, 16 years after the World Collapse, Thomas Rogan's daughter Lisa seeks G out in order to help her search for her father. G agrees and they head out to the DBR facility that Rogan's team headed to. They encountered the huge Death, a giant club-wielding security zombie, Sun, a large tree like mutant with sharp vines, Fool, a massive sloth-like mutant which attacked with its huge claws, and eventually faced Curien's experimental mutant, the Wheel of Fate. Curien's son Daniel helped Lisa and G to destroy the program and Rogan was found.


  • His first name may be "Gaiden" (外伝), according to an "IGN" article; quote-on-quote "G is back, and he stands for 'Gaiden!'" If this is true, this could suggest that G is from a Japanese descent (Even though he speaks fluent English, this might be because he also has Western genes). However this may not necessarily be the case due to: 1. The interview talking about G's role in "The House of the Dead 4 Special," which in a sequel/side story to "The House of the Dead 4" and 2. "Gaiden" means "Side Story" in Japanese, further suggesting that that the quote "G stands for 'Gaiden'" is simply a clever play on Japanese words.
  • G knows six different languages.
  • G's outfit in The House of the Dead III was one of the main influences for the outfit worn by Akihiko Usami in the anime/manga, Junjou Romantica.
  • G's pistol in The House of the Dead is much quieter than Rogan's, despite not having any visible suppressors or using a different cartridge. (It is possible that the sound used is from Virtua Cop, Sega's spin-off game made in 1994.)
  • At the end of Uwe Boll's 2003 film, House of the Dead, AMS agents arrive to investigate what has happened on the island. Rogan and G step out of a helicopter and begin questioning Rudy Curien. In the film, however, G is portrayed as African American, played by Colin Lawrence.
  • G has made the most appearances in the games, being in every installment of the main House of the Dead series.
  • In the House of the Dead 4 "G Ending", he is seen visiting the site where James sacrificed himself to defeat the World. The G model from House of the Dead III is recycled and used in this ending. However in House of the Dead 4: Special, he is given a younger model and wearing a suit (which he would look like anyway, considering the game only took place three years after House of the Dead 2). It is possible Sega had the idea that G had that younger appearance and wearing the suit in the ending for 4. Also, since G appeared differently in The House of The Dead 4 Special, but has his appearance from The House of The Dead 3 in this ending, it is also possible that this ending took place after the events of The House of The Dead 3, as it takes place after The House of the Dead 4.
  • In The House of the Dead: Overkill, it is revealed that G listens to country music.
  • Given that his name (in many cases) age, and nationality are unknown could be a nod to Golgo 13 who is sometimes referred to as G13.
  • His attire is slightly altered in The House of the Dead Overkill Extended Cut. In the original Overkill, he wore a  wrap-around sunglasses, while in the Extended Cut he wore a pair of aviators with green tinted lens.
  • G is the only character to appear in all the games.


The House of the Dead
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Thomas Rogan - G
Supporting Characters
Sophie Richards - Dr. Roy Curien
Chariot - Hangedman - Hermit - Magician
The House of the Dead 2
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Harry Harris - Amy Crystal - G - Thomas Rogan
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The House of the Dead III
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The House of the Dead 4 & Special
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James Taylor - Kate Green - Caleb Goldman
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The Mystery Man - G - Gary Stewart
Justice - Lovers - Empress - Temperance - Star - The World - Magician
The House of the Dead: Overkill
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Papa Caesar - Clement Darling
Jasper Guns - Screamer - Nigel and Sebastian - Crawler - Lobber - Brutus the Ruthless - Mother

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