Hello, fellow HOTD Fans.
English of the Dead


This is a page for Wikia members to post any bits of information about future House of the Dead releases picked up by ear or word-of-mouth.

PLEASE NOTE: To avoid making this page overly long with excessive info, please limit any posts to these two types:

1. Rumors: Information that has been reported from official or legitimate sources, such as the original developers and esteemed video game sources. 

2. Speculation: Theories of the various unanswered or obscure elements of the HOTD Universe, like the Mystery Man or perhaps why a particular creature is the way it is.

PLEASE DO NOT POST FANFICTION IDEAS HERE. We've had plenty of headaches and grievances dealing with them here. However, as a fanfic writer myself, I encourage you to instead post your ideas on another site that features fanficiton, where it will be more warmly received.

ALSO DO NOT DELETE, EDIT, OR TROLL OTHER USERS' COMMENTS. Any user, as long as they are posting a reasonable rumor or speculation and aren't antagonizing anybody, have a right to post here.

Also please note, if a particular post sounds questionable and/or is challenged as an rumor or speculation for good reason, the poster may recieve a friendly inquiry regarding the post and whether or not it should remain.

With that said, happy posting! Please keep every post in an orderly fashion using the Section Heading tools.

~ Dean3

Rumor/Speculation 1#Edit

Write here!

Rumor/Speculation 2#Edit

Write here!

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