Harris 3D Model

Harris is an enemy seen in the original The House of the Dead game. The being itself similar to the Gilmore zombie doesn't resemble anything undead(due to the old graphic use) but is hypothesize that it is skinless and it's muscles are the only revealing outer part of its body. 

Bestiary OverviewEdit

Harris is a very muscular zombie with a beard that attacks you with a large mediaval wrecking ball-and-chain flail. He swings the ball in a circular motion before he strikes his enemies, making headshots difficult. For those aiming to get the most points for killing him with the maximum two headshots, the right arm can be shot off to disable the wrecking ball, which will cause him to advance towards the player leaving his head more open. At a point in the third chapter, you can just shoot away his hands and he will not be able to attack you since he is behind a desk.

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