Hod3 enemy kageo

Kageo as seen in "The House of the Dead 3"

Kageo is a recurring zombie from "The House of the Dead". Originally created by Dr. Roy Curien, Kageo's skeletal build has the appearance of a walking mummy, with a relatively lower resilience compared to other zombies.

The House of the DeadEdit

Kageo first appears in the Curien Mansion in the first House of the Dead game, originally with the name "Mummy". As stated in the Sega Saturn manual, Mummy was created by Curien sometime after that of Ebitan, as he wanted to "create something a little drier for a change". Mummy's structure was (humorously almost) off a Japanese model Curien encountered at a trade journal, possibly revealing his extremely thin build was based off an anorexic human. The manual further explains that he wanders around damp areas to keep himself from drying out, explaining his preference for darker and more dreadful areas. True to his mummified appearance, his resilience is lower compared to the other zombies infesting the Curien Mansion.

The House of the Dead 2Edit

Kageo appears again, having been recreated in numbers by Caleb Goldman to raid the city of Venice, this time with his official name being Kageo. Still with his relative fragility compared to the other zombies, he still prefers to prowl in dark and dreary areas, though this time his reasons behind this preference may be different from drying out. His build was used as a template by Goldman to create a stronger zombie named Ken.

The House of the Dead 3Edit

The House of the Dead 4Edit

Kageo appears in this series, with a similar build like that of the previous games. He appears to be an emaciated old man with bony features. Despite its appearance which shows it is not resilient, Kageos have a faster attack rate compared to other zombies. They also appear in a torso form, although this form appears only during Chapter 3.

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