A PreludeAliciaAll Characters' Guide (in THOTDs 1 and 2)
Amy's Pistol A.K.A. H&K MK23Amy CrystalBayou City
Boss weaknessesBossesBrowing Pro 9 (G's Pistol in the original HOTD)
BrunoBrutus the RuthlessBurner
Caleb GoldmanCandi StryperCastillo Sermano
ChariotChasing ShadowsCivilians
Clement DarlingCoco and SindyCrawler
CyrilDBR CorporationDan Taylor
Dan taylors deathDaniel CurienDavid
DeathDesert EagleDespair
Despair (The House of the Dead 4)Devilon (enemy)Dr. Roy Curien
Dumbo cardiationEFI Research FacilityEbitan (enemy)
English of the DeadEscapeFKFMJVJYCFJY
FirearmsFlayed MutantsFool
Formula XFranchi Spas 12G
G's Uzi In The House Of The Dead 4 SpecialGary StewartGhost
GilmoreGoldman (DBR) HeadquartersHOTD: Rumors and Speculations
Harry HarrisHectorHedlin
House of the Dead (Film)House of the Dead 2House of the Dead 2 (film)
House of the Dead WikiIsaac WashingtonIvan
James TaylorJames Taylor's TMP M2Jasper Guns
JohannaJohnny (enemy)Judgment
JusticeKageo (enemy)Kate's SMG AKA Steyr TMP
Kate GreenKenfisLinda Rotta
Lisa RoganList of ZombiesList of Zombies in The House of the Dead 5
Loving Deads: The House of the Dead EXMagicianMarco Cloud
MaxMeat KatieMetal Zombies
Murrer (enemy)NailNeclien
New characterNewsNigel and Sebastian
NikelleOverkill CombosPDA
Papa CaesarPeterPrelude to an Overkill
Rage MutantsRaymondReminiscence
ReunionRevengeRikiya Busujima
Rin1701Rogan's Pistol AKA H&K USP 40.swfRogan Commandos
RubinRudyRumour page
SamSamson (enemy)Saruzou
ScreamerSensory ChaosShawn
ShotgunSlo-Mo-FoSophie Richards
SpawnlingStarStick Breitling
The CharactersThe Curien MansionThe House Of The Dead Overkill Pistol AKA Berretta 92-FS
The House of the DeadThe House of the Dead: 2 & 3 ReturnThe House of the Dead: Fighting Edition
The House of the Dead: OverkillThe House of the Dead: Overkill Extended CutThe House of the Dead (Series)
The House of the Dead 2The House of the Dead 4The House of the Dead 4: Special
The House of the Dead 5The House of the Dead 5 EndingsThe House of the Dead 5 Script
The House of the Dead IIIThe House of the Dead List of ZombiesThe Mystery Man
The Pinball of the DeadThe PukerThe Typing of the Dead
The Typing of the Dead 2The Typing of the Dead OverkillThe World
The hell melacularThe house of the deadThomas Rogan
UDS-TP IIUltimate ChallengeUnger
Varla GunsVincentWalther P228
WaylonWheel of FateWheel of Fate (Chapter)
Wikia Rules and RegulationsYokoYukio
ZEDZobio & ZobikoZombie
Zombie Revenge

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