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"I've been waiting for this time to come. There's no future for you people. Either I get you...or the Emperor will. Either way, your fate is in our hands. "

-Magician, House of the Dead 2

4. Magician Screen

The Magician's appearance from House of the Dead 1. His appearance has changed since then.

Type-0, given the production name "The Magician" (Japanese: Majutsu-shi 魔術師) (Tarot No.I), is the first of the Four Heavenly Kings, sentient mutations wielding the primal forces of nature that were created by Dr. Roy Curien. He wields the power of Pyrokinesis: the ability to control fire.

He is an A.I (Artificial Intelligence) android that has appeared in almost every House of the Dead game to date, making him both the most recurring boss and only boss to make multiple appearances; because of this, it is believed that the Magician has become one of the main antagonists' of the series.

Personae and Physical AppearanceEdit

The Magician is portrayed as a self-aware android with feelings. This may also mean he has a personality, but it has not been fully explored.

In House of the Dead 2, he is most likely the only mutant that is not dumb (Strength), has no feelings (Hierophant and Tower), or is just a killing machine from the start (Judgement and on occasions of his attitude towards the human race, Emperor).   

The Magician is a mutant whose height or size is not quite known, although it can most likely be safe to assume he is very tall. The Magician has: two large-white ram horns coming out from the top of his head, a red scar on the right side of his face, and his left side of his face has no flesh; instead there is only muscle. The exposed muscles of his arms and legs are covered with black nerves, which pulsate slowly. His feet are shaped like cloven hooves. In The House of the Dead 2, the sounds of heartbeat can be heard as the cables pulsate. His ears are also very large and pointed, resembling those of how daemon ears were portrayed in the Middle Ages. His body is covered with plated armor but it no longer covers his whole body. In The House of the Dead 2 pieces of the armor are torn off also revealing nothing but muscle, the exposed muscle are the weakpoints in the game. He has clawed hands with three fingers and very large feet that are pointed with three long, bony toes ending in sharp nails. He also has a unique posture with his arms crossed in an unusual position. In The House of the Dead 2 and artwork done for House of the Dead 4, the Magician appears to have very long, sharp teeth. 

It is hard to tell if the Magician has two eyes, one eye, or any eyes at all. In The House of the Dead 2, he has one lilac-colored eye on the left side of his face while the other on his right side had fallen out, revealing an exposed socket. In The House of the Dead, his eyes are shaded over, making his eyes hard to see. In House of the Dead 4, it appears that neither of his eyes are seen. 

His armor only covers his left arm, right elbow, both his hands, parts of his legs, feet, and genital region.



The Magician flinging a fireball.

The Magician's personality is somewhat unknown but from what has been seen from him he appears to be a stubborn yet occasionally loyal android. Unlike other famous robots he displays feelings, such as anger, hate, hurt, etc. He also has an incredible distaste for the AMS, like Goldman. Magician does not want to think of himself as a servant, but instead as a capable and powerful being. He has no fear in showing his dark and brutal side and had no fear in showing his disgustingly grotesque appearance in House of the Dead 2. 

Overall, summed up, the Magician is a stubborn, disloyal mutant who will not follow anybody's command. He has high intelligence and appears to know what is going on around him or what will happen. He displays other forms of intelligence such as strategy when attacking his opponents and being able to help Goldman create the Emperor.

The Magician appears to be angry and severely depressed, for constantly reminds the AMS Agents about "All the pain I have endured" and "nothing can release my pain."


"What happened...why don't you follow my instructions...?"

-A dying Roy Curien right after he is attacked by the Magician, House of the Dead

The House of the DeadEdit


An elaborate photo of the Magician.

The Magician is the final boss of House Of The Dead. He was created by the insane mad scientist Dr. Roy Curien to act as a servant. However, upon being awakened, the Magician reveals that he is self aware and will not follow the commands of anybody and declares he will destroy the world. Upon saying this he creates a fireball from his hands and throws it at Curien, killing the scientist.

Upon killing Curien, Magician furiously breaks a hole open in the wall where Agents Rogan and G, pursue him outside. The fight begins with Magician throwing fireballs at the Agents but as the fight continues he will fly around quickly while throwing more fireballs. After a grueling battle the Magician, damaged and beaten, omits a chilling omen saying, "You...haven't seen...anything yet!" before exploding in a huge loud fireball. All the final bosses of House of the Dead (with the exception of Mother) also die this way.

The House of the Dead 2Edit

Just over a year after the Curien Mansion incident making his omen in the first game come true the Magician was reanimated by Caleb Goldman, head of the powerful DBR Corporation furthering Curien's incomplete research into life and death.

Magician Type 0 Reborn

The resurrected Magician outside of Goldman's Headquarters

The Magician was housed at the Goldman building in Venice to oversee the creation of the Emperor and safeguard him during incubation. AMS agents James Taylor and Gary Stewart arrived at the building's front plaza to stop Goldman's plot but before entering the building, they are waylaid by the Magician now displaying loyalty to Goldman and the Emperor. This is most likely because of his vulnerability and now knowing he is not as powerful as he originally was and/or thought he was.

The Magician has a more disturbing appearance than before. His face is contorted with pain, there are dry bloodstains all over his body, and his right eye has now disappeared, now instead a large pink vein hangs out of it, completing the disgusting appearance. His left eye stares at the other player, and on the left side of his face he grins mischievously.

When Agents James Taylor and Gary Stewart are confronted in a grueling battle with him his once unknown breakpoints are now known, which are his exposed muscles. The Magician is much faster now, to compensate with being more vulnerable; if being shot in the muscles at the right times though, he can be defeated quickly and the player is able to avoid a rather tedious battle.

After a very grueling and arduous battle, the Magician drifts swiftly into the air, battered and beaten with shattered cable he once again explodes. No remains are seen. 

If he is defeated by James, James will say "Only man himself can control his're nothing!"

If he is defeated by Gary, Gary will say "You're the one who's gonna get defeated, Magician!" He will only say this if only one player is playing with Gary. If two people play, and since Gary is the dueteragonist, he is the second player, with James being the first player. He will not say it then.

In this game, Magician says one of his most famous quotes: "I've been waiting for this time to come. You have no future. Either I get you...or the Emperor will (another hint to him being weaker than usual). Either way, your fate is in our hands!" for single-player games or "I've been waiting for this time to come. There's no future for you people. Either I get you...or the Emperor will. Either way, there's nothing you people can do!" for two-player games.

The House of the Dead IIIEdit

The Magician himself does not appear in the third game, though he is mentioned in the flashback before the final level.

Also a golden statue of him is seen in all three boss levels, omitting the first and final levels. When the player shoots the statue it grants the player 2000 points but to compensate the statue flies around in a quick- manner, the player only has a few seconds to hit it making a target lock-on very difficult.

If you listen closely, you can hear him say "I've been waiting for this time to come" in fast forwarded and with a chipmunk-like voice. The voice may be due to the size of the statue.

The House of the Dead 4 SpecialEdit


The Magician as he appears in The House of the Dead 4 Special.

The Magician makes another return in House of the Dead 4 Special. This time however, it is unknown who resurrected him but it is most likely that Goldman requested on a video he recorded for the Magician to be brought back to life. It is also unknown if this is the original Magician or a clone, but it is most likely the former for he recognizes the AMS Agents.

Kate Green and Agent G. confront him after having fought their way up to his laboratory where he is in an incubator. Before he emerges, fireballs will appear and fly toward the Agents. After shooting all the fireballs, the Magician's incubator will shatter, revealing his new form. He greets the two agents tells them that "He has been waiting for this moment for some time", and is now ready to give them "A taste of the pain that he has endured". The fight begins shortly after his speech. The Magician has a new appearance, with blueish skin on his face, whiter armor, and the pulsating cables on his arms and legs have been replaced with electrical currents, and the worms on his body have now disappeared. He is also much faster and stronger now, sometimes flying so fast that the game camera itself can have a hard time focusing on him.

After an arduous fight the Magician will summon up Pandora's box and attempts to open it, muttering "This is the end!" At this point, Kate (or G) must throw a grenade at him, with the player having only one shot to throw it at him. If the player hits him he will be injured sufficiently and utter "Nothing can erase my pain..." before exploding. This is the good ending.

If the player either misses him of doesn't throw the grenade in the time limit, clones of the Magician in incubators will rise up from the floor. The Magician will laugh wickedly, showing the Agents that they have failed, with G proclaiming "Who's next?". The screen will then fade to black, the words BAD ENDING appearing on the screen. The fate of Kate and G, is unknown.

Unlike the other two games he has appeared in the Magician appears to be following his own command. It is also unknown what his plans were after he was finished incubating, but the clones of himself suggest that he was out to destroy mankind or take over the world. In this game he shows a vehement hate for the AMS Agents, suggesting this is his attitude toward humans overall and also that he wants revenge on the AMS for destroying him twice.

Despite having a different appearance, his weakpoints are the same as in the other games. (Though this is confused by the misleading 'G's File' from House of The Dead 2) 

Cancelled Toy lineEdit

The Magician was an Action figure that appeared as a collectible for the House of the Dead toy line before it was cancelled. Along with him was Judgement, Hierophant, Strength, and Chariot. He was (and is) the most expensive of the collection, costing over $400 dollars back then and is now selling for $3000 on eBay.

The figure is tall, standing over 12" in height and is very well-built. His skin and armor is black and charred from his previous battle before being resurrected by Goldman and his face is contorted. He is more grotesque than his game portrayal.

Other differences in appearance are longer ram horns, larger feet, and longer arms and hands. Instead of him having his arms crossed prospectively around him, they hang loosely down. There are different versions of the Magician figure, with the first figure having larger hands that hang loosely down, and the second figure, which had smaller hands, feet, and gold skin. The left side of his face is blue. This figure can be seen on


  • The Magician is likely the most intelligent of all the mutants in the House of the Dead series. 
  • A prototype of the Magician is built in House of the Dead 4, named The Star. They are both the same height and are scarred figures. They both are humanoids with the power to fly.
    • However, the Magician's fighting style is different than The Star. Whereas the Magician throws fireballs with his hands, the Star throws dark energy waves with his butterfly swords.
  • It is sometimes questioned if Magician and Emperor had an intimate friendship, but this is often shrugged off. The same is wondered about him and Goldman.
  • Appearance-wise, Magician bears a strong resemblance to a daemon. Why it does has never been explained, although it is suggested that the horns could be antennae that are used to amplify his telepathy.
  • Fans wonder if he will again appear in House of the Dead 5 or any other future games.
  • It is unknown why the Magician's mouth doesn't move when he talks, although it is possible this is due to its telepathic capabilities.
  • It is unknown why the Magician's armor was never fully completed by Dr. Roy Curien, it's possible that Curien merely ran out of time, as unlike the other bosses, Magician was still being held in containment and was merely deployed as a desperate measure. One theory is that the armor pieces were power sources, with the grid/honeycomb markings being solar panels with crystalline silicone-celled modules.
  • It is unknown what Curien was really going to use Magician for.
  • Magician is most likely a flawed experiment.
  • The Magician has sentient feelings, being able to feel pain. This may also mean he can feel happy, sad, angry, frustration, anger, etc.
  • The Magician is the only Heavenly King to have its weak spot revealed.
  • Magician's extremely malevolent yet mysterious behavior and eerie appearance has also made him a favorite among fans. He has his own fan base on multiple social websites such as Deviantart and Facebook.
  • He has been dubbed "The Most Difficult Boss in Series", because of his fast-paced attacks and, because of this, it is very difficult to shoot him. He shoots fireballs, that, when timed, can hit a player between 3-6 seconds if not shot at.
  • Fan speculation points out that when Goldman resurrected him he wasn't aware of his stubbornness or his self-awareness, realizing this he immediately wanted rid of him. He sent him out to fight the AMS Agents that approached his building knowing that, because of the Magician's battle scars from earlier on, he would most likely not survive the fight.
  • Since Magician is an android, it is most likely that he needs to sleep or incubate.



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