Moody 3D Model

Moody is an enemy featured in The House of the Dead appearing at Chapter 4 - The House of the Dead. The being seems to be more robotic rather than an undead rotting flesh organism but has some characteristics protraying that it is human in it's past life.

Bestiary OverviewEdit

A medium sized cyborg that crawls and climbs on walls. Moody has a "Full Metal Alchemist" look, with his futuristic cybernetic arm that can shoot a scissor-like claw at his enemies, that can be fortunately shot down. The best - but most difficult - way to dispatch them is to aim for their heads, which will fly off if the headshot is successful. The claw projectile is possibly remote-controlled, as if Moody is killed while the claw is still in the air the projectile will stop in midair and fall to the ground.

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