The scene began with a man driving through the street with a zombie clinging on the car. As James w/or Gary left they noticed that the car is speeding toward them!

  • When the man is rescued, you'll take on a different path.
  • If said man isn't rescued, you'll take this path.

Jewelry StoreEdit

James and Gary rushed to the store that the car crashed and thought to themselves that if only they noticed sooner, just then a woman scream was heard and they turned around to see two zombies walking toward the woman on the floor next to them!

Tip: Shoot the one infront of you first then the one on the left of the woman

In front of the Clock Tower(Down)Edit

As the old couple is about to leave, James and Gary heard a voice nearby and saw a woman behind the gate of the clock tower shouting for help.

Tip: Kill the zombie on the left first and then behind the woman.

* If you saved her, continue through the dungeon.

* If you didn't save her or accidentally shoot her, go to path to the wharf.

The Clock Tower's DungeonEdit

James will ask the woman that if it possible to go to the Sunset Bridge this way and she replied that it is before she left.

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