The Murrer is a recurring enemy from "The House of the Dead" series. Originally created by Dr. Roy Curien, the Murrer is a mutant leech-like creature that infests areas in hordes. It attacks by leaping at its prey and gouging at their faces with its myriad of teeth.

The House of the DeadEdit

Murrer first appears in the Curien Mansion in the first House of the Dead game, originally with the name "Maggot". It could be found in groups squirming around fallen zombie corpses or other areas.

The House of the Dead 2Edit

Murrer appears again, having been recreated in numbers by Caleb Goldman to raid the city of Venice, this time with the official name being Murrer. It slithers in large groups from small openings (like vents) or simply from the ground. It comes in two colors: the regular brown and green.

The House of the Dead 3Edit

In this game, Murrer returns with Ko Ebitan, a slightly smaller Ebitan with more visible teeth.

The House of the Dead 4Edit

These leech-like creatures often infest areas in hordes. They attack by leaping at their prey and gnash at them with sharp fangs.Thry are mostly found in level 2.

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