Nail is a zombie appearing in The House of the Dead. Weak and commonly found throughout the Curien Mansion, he is a standard zombie who swipes his opponents, much like Sam.

In terms of combat style, Nail is considered the predecessor to several other zombies in the franchise: Andrew from The House of the Dead 2, Julie from The House of the Dead III, and the unofficially-named Graham, Dennis, and Jeffrey from The House of the Dead 4.

Bestiary OverviewEdit

Nail is a blue-fleshed zombie with long, dark hair and a black collar shirt, belt, and jeans. Like Cyril, his shirt is unbuttoned to partially reveal his bony chest. Swiping players to attack, Nail frequently appears in groups of zombies.

As with Sam (with whom he commonly appears alongside), Nail dies from a single headshot. Unlike Sam, however, Nail's health is slightly larger.


Nail attacks with either a one-handed or two-handed swipe. If his arms are blown off, he attempts headbutting players.


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