The new game House Of The Dead: Overkill introduces a new combo system. Each type of kill combo gains the player a different score. The combos will stack up if they are made without missing, the lowest is Extreme Violence and the highest is Goregasm, which will start a timer that counts how long the combo lasts, remain in this state for 5 minutes and the player will be able to unlock some achievements.Below are the combo list, how to get and score bonus:

  • Extreme Violence : make a kill combo of 5 - 100 Bonus Points
  • Hardcore Violence: make a kill combo of 10 - 200 Bonus Points
  • Psychotic  : make a kill combo of 15 - 500 Bonus Points
  • Goregasm  : make a kill combo of 20 or more - 1000 Bonus Points/min

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