Reminiscence is Chapter 0 (the prologue) of The House of the Dead III.


20 years after the tragedy at the Curien residence...

Thomas Rogan and Casey are on the run from mutants, but the latter gets cornered and killed. Dan Taylor gets in the scene and Rogan and Dan fight the mutants. They try to contact the survivors to no avail as they hurry to the Wheel of Fate's incubation room, fighting mutants along the way.

As they reach the Wheel of Fate's incubation room, both men are attacked by a bulky mutant security guard, and Rogan gets approached by a mysterious figure.

Lisa Rogan"G"Thomas RoganDr. Roy CurienDaniel CurienThe Mystery ManDan Taylor
CraigFentonWaylonKageoEuniceEbitanTyroneFredericCharlesHoraceAztecaRaymondCainJulieJodiPikoMorrisHughMickeyJohnnyMurrerMokinDevilonRogan CommandosYukio
DeathFoolSunWheel of Fate
ReminiscenceChasing ShadowsBewildermentSensory ChaosUltimate ChallengeWheel of Fate

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