Rubin are enemies in The House of the Dead. They first appear in the second chapter - Revenge.

Bestiary Overview Edit

They wear light grey-colored uniform and hat, and a black tie as well. Their hands are equipped with dangerous sharp iron claws as weapons. Their eyes are what appears to be empty eye-sockets.

In the PC port, along with Drake, Rubin's physical appearance surprisingly resembles to that of a human since there seems to be no signs of wound features, unlike other zombie-type enemies. From the arcade and Sega Saturn port, their skin look brilliant green in color to make them less human.

Offense Edit

They are bit shorter than any other zombie-types. These enemies slash the player from above with their claws, or roll towards the player and bite his face while on the ground. They can also appear along with their related variants Drake.

Trivia Edit

veHouse of the dead 1
Thomas Rogan"G"Dr. Roy CurienSophie Richards
TragedyRevengeTruthThe house of the dead

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