Rubin is a zombie appearing in The House of the Dead. A short, nimble enemy wielding claws, he is commonly paired with Drake, another zombie. Both appear exclusively in the second stage.

Bestiary Overview Edit

Rubin wears a light gray suit and hat, as well as a black tie. His face is muscular, his teeth are visible, and his eye sockets are empty.

In the PC and Sega Saturn ports of The House of the Dead, Rubin shows fewer detailed signs of decay. His head is covered in blood, rendering his facial features indistinguishable.

Offense Edit

As with Drake, Rubin is a short, nimble zombie who can be a difficult target to hit. Unlike his partner, Rubin has no projectiles to throw; instead, his uses short-range claws to attack. He either drops down from the air to attack, or rolls toward players for a lunging bite.

Rubin can take many body shots before dying, and can even survive headless at times. Shooting him during his attacks will cause Rubin to fall backwards, buying players extra time to inflict damage.

Trivia Edit

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