Sam is a zombie appearing in The House of the Dead. The most common (and basic) zombie encountered, Sam bites and swipes players.

Sam is considered the predecessor to several other zombies in the series: David from The House of the Dead 2, the Mark Series from The House of the Dead III, and the Lorenzo Series from The House of the Dead 4.

Bestiary OverviewEdit

Sam's appearance differs among various versions of The House of the Dead.

On the arcade version, Sam is a pale-skinned, shirtless zombie with two gouges on his torso; the largest exposes part of his intestines. He wears blue pants, with the right leg being partially tattered. His eyes are blank white, with half of his face worn away to reveal part of his facial muscles and teeth.

On the PC and the Sega Saturn ports of the game, Sam wears brown shoes and his pants are not torn. The right side of his face is bloody, as is opposite sides of his torso.

Offense Edit

Sam is a basic zombie who mainly attacks by biting and an occasional swipe attack. His health is extremely low, with a single headshot able to kill him. He frequently appears in groups of zombies.


PC / SEGA Saturn Version Edit

Arcade (MODEL 2) Version Edit

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