Sam is a zombie appearing in The House of the Dead. Sam is the predecessor to David, who appears in The House of the Dead 2, Mark Series, who appears in The House of the Dead 3 as four variants and Lorenzo Series, who appears in The House of the Dead 4.

Sam has been the most common zombie ever found in the game throughout the six stages. He also has been a sort of icon to The House of the Dead series as he has been the idea for several different zombies in the game alongside David; the face of the second game. These successors to Sam include variants of him from the third and the fourth game; Mark Series and Lorenzo Series, who comes in different appearances such as Mark ll, who has an skeletal appearance with brown pants on and Tyler, who has mohawk and tattoos on his body.

Bestiary OverviewEdit

He is a bold shirtless being that can be easily killed with a couple of shots. These beings come in packs which is the reason why they are mostly seen. They are adaptive to any environment within the mansion. They have two large scratch marks on their torso's along with their flesh off on the right side of their face. Seen with pants along with the lower left part being torn.

However, in the PC and the SEGA Saturn Version, he wears brown shoes and his pants are not torn. His right side of the face does not expose its flesh and his torso are not rip off but instead cuts (their cut positions are opposite).

Offense Edit

While they are holding nothing, they mainly uses their teeth to bite. They may take up to 2 bullets in order to kill them.


PC / SEGA Saturn Version Edit

Arcade (MODEL 2) Version Edit

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