The Samson Series are a bunch of large-bodied zombies in the House of the Dead series. These bald-headed, chubby zombies move rather fast, despite their size and can take an number of hits before falling. Preferring to fling heavy objects most of the time, they can be most formidable.

Samson zombie

Samson Zombie

Bestiary Overview

The Beind has two variants, Samson and Bentley

  • Bentley - A shirtless undead being with burns marks on their belly. Their way of attack is to throw heavy objects at enemies and approach them finishing their prey by attacking physically.
  • Samson - He resembles more of a standard butcher wearing what looks to be a firefighters uniform. The diffrence with him is his outfir, he has a beard and carries a chainsaw. He may be a strong zombie but is weak giving the attacker an advantage to kill them.

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