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The Typing of the Dead is an educational typing game based off The House of the Dead 2 released in 1999 as an arcade game and later ported to the Sega Dreamcast, Microsoft Windows, and the Playstation 2. The plot and characters are identical to The House of the Dead 2, but the gameplay was overhauled.

It it requires players to enhance their typing skills to be successful, it has been praised by critics primarily for its comedic content.

Gameplay Edit

Rather than using a Light Gun like its predecessor, The Typing of the Dead requires the player to type short phrases in order to kill zombies. At certain locations, the player will need to complete a certain mission (e.g. "Kill ten zombies in thirty seconds") in order to receve a certain reward. All other gameplay, save a few occasional tweaks, are identical to The House of the Dead 2.


See The House of the Dead 2: Plot


Arcade ModeEdit

The player can either play a short demo of the game or play through the game from start to finish in the same manner as the arcade port.

Original ModeEdit

Besides being able to choose the level to start on, the Original Mode offers a few enhancements to the Arcade Mode. Powerups, rankings, typing ability tracking, and unlockables are a few examples of what this mode has to offer.

Training ModeEdit

A humourous tutorial on how to touch-type with the QWERTY keyboard.

Drill ModeEdit

A series of minigames which track and improve specific typing abilities: Speed, Accuracy, Reflexes, and Special Keys. Each skill has three minigames associated with it, and progress is tracked by the record book.


Network ModeEdit

Allows the player to play a competetively or cooperatively online with his or her friends.

vs CPU ModeEdit

This unlockable mode pits the player against one of several AI controlled players in a single chapter of the game. Whoever gets the highest score by the end of the level wins.


Configures options like difficulty, lives & continues, keyboard type (UK or US) and includes a small sound test.


As The Typing of the Dead had a lighter mood than its parent, so did its endings. Depending on how many questions you answered correctly when fighting the Emperor, one of thee endings will occur:

  • 0: Goldman jumps off the building and explodes.
  • 1-2: Goldman jumps off the building, but bungees back and burps.
  • 3: Goldman blasts off into the night sky to a bewildered James.

Chapters and BossesEdit

See The House of the Dead 2: Chapters and Bosses



One of the goofs made in the game was the "type-gun" contraption. It was basically a keyboard connected to a Sega Dreamcast, and was powered by a gigantic AA battery that writes Dreamcast, the US distributor of the game.

Overall, The Typing of the Dead was well received by critics as being an enjoyable game. Reviewers appreciated the absurdist humor that the game's format created, especially in the unusual phrases the game generates during later levels. The sub-par voice acting of the original House of the Dead 2 was also considered to add to this aspect of the game.

One area of the game which was generally criticized, to varying degrees, was the quality of the graphics, which had not been updated from the original House of the Dead 2 's arcade version. PC World was so unimpressed with the game's premise they listed it as a runner up on a "Top Ten Worst Games" list.

Game Informer has named the game the weirdest game of all time.

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