THoTD1 Chp4

The house of the dead is the fourth and final chapter in The House of the Dead.


As the chapter starts, the player(s) will see two Roberts walking towards you; kill them. You'll then approach a control panel, with Sam and Harris attacking you. When you kill them, you'll deactivate a forcefield, which will then allow you to advance. The next enemies you will face are bosses, though much easier compare to the first time battling them. The first boss is Chariot. Once he is defeated again, the player(s) will once again be confronted by Hangedman. Defeat him in order to advance. If you saved all the hostages, you'll be treated to a secret room with Life Ups! and points. Otherwise, you'll advance to the next room. First you'll face a couple of Bentleys, followed by a couple of Moodys. Next are a couple of Parlors. You'll then turn right to find two Roberts. After them, when you turn around, two Bentleys with oil barrels. As you're advancing, two Harris will block your way. You'll then find Curien in a large laboratory. A cutscene will play with Curien awakening his masterpiece, The Magician, who then proceeded to kill his creator and exit the lab. The player(s) will then have to battle The Magician.

Though his weak points are listed as "unknown", The Magician's weak points are visually indicated by the unarmored parts of his body. This includes his lower right leg, upper left leg, lower right arm, upper left arm and the area around his right eye. The Magician is incredibly fast, being able to dash around. He relies on pyrokinesis to attack, consisting a total of four attack forms. First form, he'll fly somewhere and throw two fireballs at you, he'll do this twice. Second form, he'll shoot four fireballs at you simultaneously. If you hit him enough, the fireballs will dissipate, and he'll go into attack form two. If you can't hit him fast enough, simply shoot the fireballs to negate them. The third attack form consists of basically dashing around at random directions for three times, and then charging directly at you. You can only attack him while he's about to attack you. Try to shoot his weak points as fast as possible. He'll the go back to attack form one, but if you shoot him enough, he'll go back into attack form two. Once his health is low enough, he'll go into his fourth and final attack form. Its basically him charging up, then throwing a bunch of fireballs up into the air, which then land on you. While he's charging, that's your opportunity to unload on him. If you can't kill by that time, shoot all the fireballs he threw up as they come landing on you, but you have to do it quickly. You'll have more chances, since he'll just repeat this over and over.

Once The Magician is defeated, a cutscene will play, followed by the credits rolling and the game ends. At the end of the game, the player(s) will receive different endings with each one based on certain requirements.


  • Robert
  • Sam
  • Harris
  • Bentley
  • Moody
  • Parlor


Player dialoguesEdit

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