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Thomas Rogan, commonly called "Rogan" by his comrades and friends, is one of the two main protagonists and lead heroes in the original House of the Dead arcade game, and appears throughout the series. Appearing in the second game in a cameo, he is briefly playable in the opening stage of The House of the Dead III.


An AMS agent during the events of the first game, going under the code name "Eager Eagle", Rogan is 31 years old and described as being hot-headed and trigger-happy. He also holds the Top Agent Rank during this time; however, it is unknown if this rank is exclusive to a person or whether several other individuals might possess it.

In the events of the first game, Rogan received an urgent phone call from his fiancée and DBR researcher, Sophie Richards, pleading for help. He and his partner Agent "G" immediately rush to the mansion of Dr. Curien, where they find horrific undead beasts hunting any surviving scientists. They find Sophie laying on the ground outside the mansion, who had escaped and had played dead to avoid being detected. Unfortunately, she is immediately taken by a flying creature named the Hangedman and taken back to the mansion. Rogan and G make their way inside the mansion, and eventually locate Sophie isolated in one of the rooms. Shortly afterward, she is ambushed and attacked by the axe-wielding Chariot, and is presumably killed.

After battling through hoards of zombies, Rogan and G come face to face with Curien himself and his ultimate creation, The Magician. Upon his awakening, however, the Magician betrays his creator and kills him. Determined to destroy everything, the Magician confronts the agents in a final showdown outside on the balcony of the laboratory. With the Magician defeated, the agents leave the mansion, with Rogan bidding farewell to Curien, and mourning the supposed demise of Sophie.

While Sophie's survival depends on the skill of the player, canonically she survives. She marries Rogan and the two have a daughter, Lisa Rogan, in 2000. As it was the same year as the Goldman incident, Rogan's involvement in that case is unknown (or if he was even involved). However, in the good ending for The House of the Dead 2, he greets James and Gary at the entrance of the Goldman Building and congratulates them.

Rogan's involvement and activities during the 2003 World Collapse is also unknown (it was shown that his partner G aided a distraught Kate Green during this time). In the following years, the AMS collapsed and ceased to exist.

In 2019, over twenty years after the Curien Mansion incident, Rogan, now 52 years old, formed an organization to eliminate the undead threat. He led his team of commandos into one of DBR's facilities, but upon reaching their objective, his comrade Dan Taylor was killed and Rogan was subsequently injured by the same creature. Regaining consciousness, Rogan was approached by a mysterious figure that he seemed to recognize.

Two weeks passed and Rogan had not been heard from since. Acting on a promise to her mother to find him, Rogan's daughter Lisa sought out his former AMS colleague G and asked for his help. They traced the location where contact with Rogan was lost, and armed with shotguns, began their journey to bring him home. Despite that Lisa was anxious about her missing father, she appears to have a distant and rocky relationship with him. She had very little knowledge about what he did for a living, claiming that he always put his work ahead of his familiy and had no memories of him spending time with them, and his time away often worried them. It's implied that she has a much closer relationship with her mother. However, Rogan still loved his daughter dearly, and always encouraged her to believe in herself no matter what happens. But because of Lisa's stubborn attitude, she never grasped what it really meant.

Reuniting with her father, Lisa is overjoyed to see that he is alive and safe. He reveals that he was rescued by Curien's Mysterious Son Daniel, who kept him safe in the two week period until Lisa and G came to the facility to find him. With a duty to fulfill, Rogan attempts to get on his feet, but because his injuries have not fully healed, Lisa and Daniel take it upon themselves to confront The Wheel of Fate. It was then that Lisa finally understood what it meant to believe in herself.

After the Wheel's destruction, everyone is seen leaving the facility, with Rogan being helped by his old friend G. Rogan expresses his gratitude for G's help, and after being asked whether this mission would change anything, he optimistically claimed that while maybe nothing would change or that everything would be different, they had done their part. The future was left to people like Lisa and Daniel, and it would be up to them to believe in themselves and walk their own paths. G remarks that Lisa's starting to sound a lot like her old man. Rogan, surprised to hear G crack a joke at his expense, saw that things were already starting to change.


  • He can also be played on The House of the Dead 2, but only in Original Mode as a costume.
  • His name is misspelled as "Thomas Rowgun" on certain arcade cabinets for the original House of the Dead game.
  • In The Typing of the Dead's VS. CPU Mode, Rogan is one of the characters the player can compete against.
  • Rogan makes a cameo in The House Of The Dead 2's good ending as he calls to James and Gary just before they exit Goldman's building.
  • At the end of Uwe Boll's 2003 film, House of the Dead, when AMS agents arrive to investigate what occurred on the island, Rogan and G step out of a helicopter and begin questioning Rudy Curien. He was played by Adam Harrington.


The House of the Dead
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