The Timeline of The House of the Dead spans 28 years, chronologicaly beginning with The House of the Dead: Overkill, and ending with The House of the Dead III.

The House of the Dead: Overkill - 1991Edit

The story to The House of the Dead begins with The House of the Dead: Overkill, which take place in 1991.

AMS Agent G is sent to the locale of Bayou City to investigate a man called Papa Caesar. He meets up with the foul-mouthed Detective Issac Washington, who is out for revenge against Papa Ceasar for killing his father. After fighting their way into Caesar's plantation house, they overhear a conversation between Ceasar and Jasper Guns, a crippled brother who is working with Caesar to protect his sister. Jasper injects himself with the mutant compound after Caesar threatenes his sister. However, Caesar escapes, and G and Washington are confronted with the mutated Jasper. After defeating Jasper in a fight, he askes G to tell his sister "I lover her". G then puts Jasper out of his misery, right when Jasper's sister, Varla Guns, Bayou City's local stripper, appears. The dou leave, while Varla laments the loss of her brother.

Using Jasper's wheelchair as transport, Varla drives to the Pink Pussycat stripclub to gear up for revenge. She learns from fellow stripper Candi Stryper, that Varla's bike has been taken.

The conversation Caesar had with Jasper mentioned a local hospital, which is where G and Washington decide to go next. Arriving at the hospital, they find the building overrun with the mutants. Fighting their way nside, they notice a woman crying in an operating theatre. While intending to help her, they realize that she is a mutant, in-game called the Screamer. The pair defeat her in the resulting battle, and hear a phone ringing. The phone is inside the Screamer. G retrieves the phone, which is meant for Washington. It is none other than Caesar, who, outside the hospital, attempts to kill them by detonating the building. The duo exit the hospital, and are saved by Varla Guns and her motorcycle.

Varla abandonds the pair at a local carnival after a discussion, and they find the carnival filled with the mutants. Shooting their way further into the carnival, thay enter the "feak house", and are confronted with the mutants Nigel and Sebastian. The two fight and defeat the fused mutants, although, thay are still stuck in the carnival with no ride. G comandeers a nearby ice cream truck, and the duo leave the carnival.

Varla continues to go after Caesar when she notices Candi hitch hiking

G and Washington arrive at the train station, where they find Varla holding Caesar at gunpoint. The trio couldn't decide on Caesar's fate, giving Caesar the opportunity to escape once again. G and Washington give chase, leaving Varla behind. Climbing on the back of the train, the pair force their way to the front of the mutant-infested train, where Caesar is. They are sidetracked, however, by a heavily mutated creature known as the Crawler. After killing the creature, they arrive at the front of the train, only for the train to de-rail. Gand Washington jump off before the train crashes.

The pair find themselves in a swamp. Varla arrives to help them, but Caesar takes her hostage, and orders her to drive off to the local prison but not before throwing Washington a tape. G and Washington give chase through the swamps. The swamps are inhabited by mutants, and the pair must fight their way through to reach the prison. They encounter a monstrocity called the Lobber, but he is quickly defeated by the dou. G's orders were originaly to arrest Papa Caesar, but after fighting with Washington for so long, he won't deny Washington of his revenge.

G and Washington arrive outside the prison, where they find a man exiting a police car. He introduces himself as the warden of the prison, Clement Darling. He came to his prison because he "had a call, in the middle of the night". As G and Washington enter the prison, they find out why: the prison has been taken over by the mutants. The pair fight their way to Clement's office, only to see Caesar and Varla running into a different building, several stories below them. Finally arriving at the execution area, the find Clement with Varla and Caesar strapped in the electric chairs. After a brief debate, in which he introduces his Mother, Clement excecutes Caesar, and leaves with Varla and Mother. He does leave a parting gift: two criminals he's "been tinkering with". However, one kills the other, and then the now-mutated criminal, named Brutus, and he engages in a fight with G and Washington. They defeat him in the fight, and they chase Clement underground.

The U.S. Army originally made the mutant compound during the Cold War in order to make the ultimate super soldier. The project obviously failed. The bunker the compound was made in lies directly under Clement's prison. Access is available only through elevators, which is how G and Washington access it in the first place. Entering the bunker, the duo fight their way deeper into the bunker, where they find Varla, looking unharmed. She hits on the pair, until Clement appears. She orders him back to his room, and the duo discover Varla's brain exposed. Clement explains that Varla's real brain is in a jar he holds, while the one in Varla's head is his mother's brain. G and Washington prepare to kill her, but Mother exhibits telekenetik powers, like Jasper. She starts mutating, but G and Washington shoot her off the balcony. She falls, but her mutation is complete, and she grows to monumental proportions. G and Washington load their assault rifles, and-

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-on the surface, discussing what they will do now that the affair is over. However, Mother reappears, very much alive. G and Washington prepare their miniguns they found "lying around", and both take down the monstrocity. Clement appears, claiming he "can't go on" without his mother. Just as the pair are about to kill him, he stops them, holding a "dead man's switch". If he dies, the bunker under the prison will be destroyed. He gives them the switch, and "returns to the womb" by climbing back inside Mother. G and Washington discuss the irony of Washington's vocabulary in the affair. A helicopter arrives, and airlifts G and Washington out of the prison. Washington "chucks [the switch] out the fuckin' window", and the prison is destroyed. Washington comments on G's soon-to-be-filed report as a mysogonistic recap of the affairs. Washington orders the pilot to "fuckin' Vegas", but the pilot is a mutant. G and Washington shoot it.

The tape given to Washington by Caesar plays after the credits. It says that Clement's ambitions with the mutant compound were "small-minded", but he had friends, "powerful friends,(possibly Dr. Roy Curien and Goldman) and they have had access to the compound for some time". He told him Washington that so that he can warn his loved ones while there's time. Caesar finally reveals that Washington's father is still alive, and laughs as the tape ends.

THOTD Overkill - Prior THOTD Between 1995 - 1996Edit

Dr. Roy Curien, renowned scientist, DBR research director, and possibly one of Clement's powerful "friends," starts experimenting with the mystery compound when his only son Daniel Curien falls ill to a terminal illness. But when he discovers that he can change the fate of mankind, he goes mad and tries to outirght erase the line between life and death, creating an army of biologial abominations in the process.

The House of the Dead - December 18 1998Edit

Seven years later after the events from The House of the Dead: Overkill. On December 18, 1998, AMS Agent Thomas Rogan received a distressing, short phone-call from his fiancée, Sophie Richards at the Curien Mansion, the home and laboratory of Dr. Roy Curien, a renowned biochemist and geneticist. Amidst a series of ominous occurrences and disappearances at the mansion, Rogan arrived on the scene with his new partner, Agent G, to immediately discover the estate overrun with hellish creations. A man gives them a small field journal showing information about all of Curien's deadly creations and their weak points.

It is revealed that Curien was obsessed with discovering the nature of life and death. While supported by the DBR Corporation and its own team of scientists, Curien's relentless pursuit of this goal slowly drove him insane, with his behavior growing more erratic and the nature of his experiments beginning to take a gruesome turn. Curien's plan for his research ultimately resulted in the release of his experimental subjects free into his mansion. Wasting no time, Rogan and G stormed the mansion in order to find and save Sophie, as well as the several other scientist trapped inside, where they witnessed first-hand the terror unleashed by Curien's zombies and abominations.

When Rogan and G arrive at the mansion, they find Sophie, but she was soon captured by a gargoyle-bat like abomination called the Hanged Man, who took her away to the mansion. They later found Sophie alive and well, but she was knocked against a wall by Chariot, a gray armored supersoldier carrying a blood stained halberd. Rogan and G defeated Chariot and attended to Sophie, who seemingly succumbed to her injuries. Rogan, in a fit of rage, went off to avenge his fiancée by seeking out The Hanged Man. He and G find him on the rooftops surrounding the courtyard. After dropping two scientists to their deaths, Rogan and G engaged the creature. After getting knocked off the roof by Hanged Man and almost being killed, they finally shot him down, causing the creature to fall to his death.

The two push on to find Dr. Curien, while having to fight an even larger hoard of zombies in the process. The eventually reach him, but he escaped into his underground laboratory and released the Hermit (a giant spider crab) to finish them. They manage to kill it, and continued the chase.

Upon confronting Curien a second time, the AMS agents were introduced to his masterpiece, The Magician, a humanoid demon-esque creature that possesses a mastery of fire. After Curien releases the creature from his incubation chamber, the Magician reveals himself to be sentient, refusing to serve any master; subsequently vowing to destroy everything and killing Dr. Curien. To prevent the Magician from escaping the mansion and destroying the world, Rogan and G fought him in one final battle. Before dying, the Magician gives one last, chilling warning, and then explodes. Rogan and G leave the mansion, taking one last look at it from the outside.

In the canonical ending, Sophie Richards is revealed to be alive and well, cheerfully waving to the guys as she runs from the mansion. Later she married, and had a daughter with Rogan, whom they named Lisa. The non-canon ending shows Sophie as a zombiefied victim of Curien's twisted experiments.

The House of the Dead 2 - February 2000Edit

The story follows the fictional events of February 26, 2000, fourteen months after the Curien Mansion incident. Strange occurrences were reported to be taking place in the city of Venice, Italy, the last known location of AMS agent G, who has gone missing. Agents James Taylor and Gary Stewart were dispatched, along with Amy Crystal and Harry Harris, to investigate and evacuate the populace. Upon finding G alive but wounded, James and Gary conversed with him and G gave them a field journal detailing the bosses weak points. The pair were then met with a massive undead hoard, similar to the kind from the Curien Mansion incident.

During the chaos James and Gary faced Judgment, consisting of the imp-like Zeal and his giant, headless, axe-wielding armored puppet Kuarl. After defeating them, the agents meet up with Amy and Harry, who split up and try to meet at either Sunset Bridge or the wharf. Upon getting there James and Gary face off with The Hierophant, an aquatic fish-like humanoid which headed an assault on Venice's waterways and Central Plaza. Upon defeating it, James, Gary, Amy and Harry got on a boat and continued through the rivers.

The agents learned the zombies were created by Caleb Goldman, the man who funded Dr. Curien in making his creations during the Curien Mansion incident. It was also revealed that Goldman created the new zombies and released them into the city. Goldman left a message on Amy's phone, inviting them to meet him at the Colosseum. Although fearing it's a trap, the group continued on. James and Gary split up again, and faced off with segmented serpents known as The Tower. After the fight, they received a desperate call from Amy, which was soon cut off. James and Gary headed to the Colosseum only to be taunted by Goldman, who proceeded to reveal a cage containing Amy and a wounded Harry, the perpetrator being Strength, a giant, chainsaw-wielding zombie which upon its release chased James and Gary throughout the Roman Colosseum. After they killed it, James and Gary spoke with their fellow agents, who gave them the coordinates for a car they could use to get to Goldman's tower.

After driving over to Goldman's tower they were confronted by Curien's masterpiece, The Magician, who was resurrected by Goldman to oversee the birth of The Emperor. The agents then destroyed the Magician, filled with the resolve to continue on and let mankind control its own fate,

The agents then entered Goldman's tower, feeling as if they were being invited in by Goldman. After fighting off Goldman's cybernetic guards they confront the man himself, who calmly explains to the agents that he intended to undo the sins that mankind had committed towards nature and that 'Pandora's Box was opening'. After his rant he unveiled the Emporer, a shape shifting being designed to rule over nature and "destroy and hate mankind". In its prototype stage, the Emperor was not as strong as Goldman had hoped, and was destroyed by the AMS agents. In order to evade being arrested, Goldman commits suicide by serenely stepping backwards off the roof of his building, plummeting to what the agents assumed would be his death. James and Gary then into Thomas Rogan, who tells them that G and Harry were all right, and that they should head off to their next battle "for as long as they have the will to live" (in the case of James) or "for as long as there is an answer" (in the case of Gary).

One ending reveals Goldman having been revived by his own zombie process.


A number of world governments called upon AMS to deal with their "bizarre" incidents. AMS soon became overwhelmed by the amount of undead outbreaks happening simultaneously all over the world. When the international community learned that AMS is unable to contain these new undead outbreaks, a worldwide panic occurs throughout the globe.

The House of the Dead 4 - 2003Edit

The story is set in 2003, three years after the events of The House of the Dead 2. Former AMS agent James Taylor and a new agent named Kate Green are gathering intelligence at the fifth floor of the AMS European branch office. James still has the events of the 2000 "Goldman Case" on his mind, and believes that the ordeal has not yet ended. A sudden earthquake rocks the room while they talk, collapsing the building and leaving the agents trapped.

Several days later, as the two await a rescue team, James' PDA goes off, and a group of undead are seen on the security cameras. Realizing that they are in danger, James has Kate gather all the weaponry they can find to defend themselves. Soon after, the two travel through the sewers to an information room where they uncover a plot to fire nuclear missiles worldwide within 24 hours' time, facing the four armed giant zombie Justice and a pair of mutant tarantulas known as The Lovers along the way. Taking the subway into zombie-infested streets from an underground shopping district, the agents narrowly avoid attacks by The Empress, a double-ended chainsaw-wielding assassin, and the massive, obese, and nearly impervious Temperance.

James and Kate then learn that the late one-time CEO of the now-defunct DBR Corporation, Goldman, is responsible for the resurgence of undead. Upon reaching the surface, they find the city completely obliterated. Goldman sends them a PDA message indicating that the launch will occur in one hour. The agents reach the abandoned Goldman Building but upon entering the main foyer, a levitating humanoid named The Star, prevents their advance. After the Star is defeated, the duo continue onward. Ultimately, they arrive in time to halt Goldman's plans, though it is revealed that his true intention is to revert humankind to its original state in order to prevent them from harming the planet further. As such, his final legacy, The World, an insect-like humanoid with powers over ice, is released in the opening of "Pandora's Box" to fulfill its role as the successor to his original Emperor project in 2000, having developed underground since his death. As the AMS agents fight it, the World continuously evolves to become larger and more powerful. Following the World's second defeat, James sets his PDA to self-destruct and, telling Kate not to give up hope, sacrifices himself to destroy the World in the ensuing explosion.

Caleb Goldman takes his defeat with his trademark calm and serenity, citing that hope is indeed a wonderfull thing. He is fully confident that his plan will inevitably come to fruition, it's only a matter of when. His visage then morphs into that of his undead form from the second game.

Years later an aged G revisited the site where The World was destroyed and spoke aloud his plans to fight the undead back to their source, then telling his fallen comerade to rest, his back facing Goldman's tower.

"The story continues in The House of the Dead III".

The House of the Dead 4 Special - 2003Edit

After losing contact with her partner James Taylor, Kate Green is left to wander aimlessly, until she ran into veteran AMS Agent G, who tells her that the fight isn't over yet, and to fight the hoard back at the source.

The source is eventually revealed to be Curien's masterpiece, The Magician, resurrected for the third time. The AMS agents fight him, but The Magician has one more trick up his sleeve: unleash multiple clones of himself through the opening of a second Pandora's Box. Knowing this, the AMS agents throw one last grenade on the box, which also hurts The Magician, who would later rant that nothing can erase his pain, before exploding once more.

2003 - 2019Edit

The world is now overrun by monsters and zombies, who defeated entire armies and destroyed cities. Several countries launched their nuclear arsenals on their own cities as a last ditch efford to contain the undead but it did little to stop the ever growing undead hordes.

In the midst of this, the long-suffering AMS finally disbanded.

The human race was facing almost certain extinction.

The House of the Dead 3 - October 2019Edit

The story of The House of the Dead ends with House of the Dead III which it takes place in the post-apocalyptic year of 2019, twenty one years after the initial zombie outbreak of the Curien Mansion in the original The House of the Dead. As revealed in The House of the Dead 4, the zombie infestation has spread all over the world, reducing the world into desolation with the civilization collapsing. The EFI Facility Center, a research facility owned by Dr. Roy Curien, serves as the main setting of the story.

Lisa Rogan, the 19-year old daughter of Thomas Rogan, who searches for her father's whereabouts after his disappearance in the EFI facility; and G, an old partner of Rogan who accompanied him during his original assignment of the Curien Mansion investigation. Rogan himself is a playable character in a brief prologue segment. Other characters include Daniel, Curien's son whose diagnosis with terminal illness eventually became Curien's  to develop the zombie mutation; Dan Taylor, a member of Rogan's commando who assists him in the prologue segment of the game; and The Wheel of Fate, a cyborg with electrokinesis abilities who is actually Curien himself, resurrected after his death at the hands of his masterpiece, The Magician.

Retired AMS agent, Thomas Rogan, leads a commando to investigate Curien's EFI Facility Center, but after his entire team is killed, contact with him is lost. His daughter, Lisa, decides to explore the facility to find him, accompanied by Rogan's old partner, G.

While navigating through the facility, they have to fend off against hordes of undead creatures, including gigantic mutant who serves as the facility's security guard, Death; a sloth, The Fool; and a mutated tendril-plant, The Sun. Along the way, Lisa muses to G how she has to live in the shadows of her well-known father and that she is often the subject of his comparison. Throughout the story, flashbacks reveal Curien's motivation in his obsession of studying matters of life and death that resulted in him triggering the Curien Mansion's outbreak back in 1998; he was desperate in searching for a cure to treat his son, Daniel, who is suffering from a terminal illness. His increasingly unethical methods led him to believe he would be able to change the world for a better future by developing the mutation. Eventually, Lisa and G reunite with Rogan, who is under care of Daniel, the latter lamenting his father's experiments that destroyed the world. Daniel reveals that after his father's murder by The Magician, his body underwent a resurrection process. Daniel and Lisa confront and destroy Curien's newly resurrected cyborg-like body with electrokinetic abilities, known as the The Wheel of Fate.

Daniel, G, Lisa, and Rogan, leaving the facility, with Daniel stating that he will not let his father's efforts go waste. A mysterious man in a business suit picking one of Curien's vial, muttering that Curien did not understand its purpose. An alternate ending has Daniel succumbing to his father's experiments, becoming a zombie himself and lunging after Lisa.

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