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  • Dean3

    Seeking Co-Admin

    March 13, 2017 by Dean3

    Hey guys.

    Also, due to real life stuff, I think it's time I find a co-admin to help run this place.

    As such, I'm open to any candidate offers, whether it's from yourself or someone you know.

    The requirements are:

    1. Must be an active contributor for at least 1-2 years.

    2. Must have NEVER pulled any troll moves or purposely posted false info.

    3. Be prepared to provide proof of the top two merits

    4. Must be backed up by at least two fellow (non-trolling) contributors who've been here for at least a year.

    That is all for now. I await your offers.

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  • Dean3

    Hey guys.

    Sorry for the long absence. Dealing with a lot more real life stuff now.

    I'm about to get my hands on a Japanese House of the Dead 3 official guide. And if my hopes are correct, it should have the ever-elusive enemy names.

    With that said, anyone know Japanese or someone who does?

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  • Dean3

    New Admin

    December 27, 2013 by Dean3

    Hello Fellow House of the Dead Fans and WIkia Members,

    Dean3 here again. I am proud and very pleased to tell you that one of the original admins Oranejo (Oranejo, thank you very much again if you can read this) has given me the position as Admin of this Wikia.

    As stated in my previous "Campaign" post, I will now start up the "cleaning up" of this Wikia. So to begin, I would like any active contributors here to post up any (legitimate please) suggestions and pointers so we can come up with ways to initiate this process.

    Cheers and let the renovaiton begin!

    ~ Dean3

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  • Dean3

    Hello Fellow House of the Dead Fans and WIkia Members,

    Dean3 here. First off, as a fellow House of the Dead fan I want to thank all of you for filling this site with your informative and faithful contributions.

    Now for the nitty gritty, As most of you know, this wikia has been without any active admins for quite a while. This has led to a recent increase of vandals, griefing, and users posting noncanonical information on this wiki. As such, I would like to make the bold move to become an "adoptive admin" myself.

    In order to do so, the Wikia guidelines state that I must first make this blog post to gather the Wikia Community's opinion and support before making such a request to the main WIki Community central.

    Now to list my credentials on why …

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