• Kori-Maru

    I've gotten a chance to speak with one of the employees of Sega of America during Comic Con about more The House of the Dead games after 4. He said that he will pass on the word to the Digital Manager of HOTD 3 & 4. I came up with an idea similar to the NiGHTS campaign that NiGHTS fans, TRiPPY & DiGi, did awhile back for a NiGHTS into Dreams port in HD. That ended up happening. If classic Sega games can get remastered in HD, so can The House of the Dead. Not only the original two games in HD, let's not forget Loving Deads The House of the Dead EX which was never released outside of European and Japanese arcades. Want to join the campaign, it's easy just visit here and sign petitions for both games…

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  • Kori-Maru

    These are the early drafts of the characters in the first House of the Dead game. They consist of

    Thomas Rogan


    Sophie as "Carole"

    Dr. Curien as "Dr. A"

    Mr. Happy


    I have "a lot" of HotD stuff I want to show off. Hopefully by a month or two. Tell me what you guys think of these drafts?

    ~ Kori, The Website of the Dead

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  • Kori-Maru

    They've also included G3's article interview Nishiyama, producer of The House of the Dead 4. Here are some words from the producer himself.

    “I personally spend a lot of time in gaming environments with players, in arcades, pubs, bowling centres, just watching the customers, imaging them playing my game in order to build profiles. I would quit this business if I lost this connection to the player, this sense of the games they want to play” ~ Yashuhiro Nishiyama

    Wouldn't mind him and Takashi Oda working together again since fans loved the 4th game.

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  • Kori-Maru

    Hello community of The House of the Dead wiki, my name is Patrick aka Kori-Maru on the Sega forums and SegaBits. I use to have a forum and website dedicated to The House of the Dead two years ago with promising new information before it was hacked by a unknown source. But I came to let you guys know that it's back better than ever. It's called "The Website of the Dead" A Unofficial fansite of all things House of the Dead related. You will be able to find tons of new information that other HotD fans has never seen before. I've just recently blogged about the manga and the comic. I also have a new forum for the community to chat.

    Here's the websites link

    Facebook Page!/pages/The-Webs…

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