I've gotten a chance to speak with one of the employees of Sega of America during Comic Con about more The House of the Dead games after 4. He said that he will pass on the word to the Digital Manager of HOTD 3 & 4. I came up with an idea similar to the NiGHTS campaign that NiGHTS fans, TRiPPY & DiGi, did awhile back for a NiGHTS into Dreams port in HD. That ended up happening. If classic Sega games can get remastered in HD, so can The House of the Dead. Not only the original two games in HD, let's not forget Loving Deads The House of the Dead EX which was never released outside of European and Japanese arcades. Want to join the campaign, it's easy just visit here and sign petitions for both games. Our goal is to reach 100 signatures for both games in order to get Sega's attention. Dogs of the AMS, time "we" made a move.


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