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"Crockett and Tubbs, jump on!" to Agent G and Isaac Washington on the ending of Ballistic Trauma.

Varla Guns is one of the main protagonists of The House of the Dead: Overkill

She accompanies G and Issac with the intention of avenging her dead brother Jasper, whom Papa Caesar used. By the end of the fifth chapter, she is kidnapped by Caesar and taken to the police compound. At the end of the sixth chapter she's shown tied up in an electric chair and then taken down an elevator by the true mastermind, Clement Darling. Later on, it's revealed that her still living brain had been taken out of her body and placed in a jar by Clement, replacing it with his elderly mother's brain. From this moment on, Varla remains silent, unable to do anything, though Clement claims that she's still alive. In the end, she's taken to an escape helicopter by G, who tells her that if she can hear him that she's the most beautiful woman in the world (a saying that Isaac finds wrong).

Her fate afterward is unknown. She may have lived out the rest of the series in the jar she was put in or maybe (though not likely) was killed by someone like G in a mercy killing. Another possibility is that she will return either still a brain in a jar or in a new body.

The House of the Dead: Overkill
G - Isaac Washington - Varla Guns
Papa Caesar - Clement Darling
Jasper Guns - Screamer - Nigel and Sebastian - Crawler - Lobber - Brutus the Ruthless - Mother

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