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The entity known as the Wheel of Fate (Type 0000) is actually a resurrected form of Dr. Roy Curien, the antagonist of the original House of the Dead. In this form, Curien wields the fearsome power of electrokinesis, attempting to zap the players at every opportunity. He spins his wheel to determine his next attack, and the spinning wheel has a knack for deflecting gunfire intended for the (mutated) scientist's weak spot - his chest. Like all bosses of the House of the Dead series (prior to Overkill), The Wheel of Fate is named for one of the Major Arcana; although, in this instance, the name has been modified (the original tarot card being called "The Wheel of Fortune"). Also, since the Wheel of Fate is one of the series' final bosses, its power of choice - in this case, electrokinesis - has a symbolic connection with the rest of the series. Combined with the pyrokinesis of The Magician, the metamorphosis of The Emperor, and the cryokinesis of The World, the Wheel of Fate's power appears to represent the forces of nature and life. The Wheel of Fate is also the final boss in the series (plotwise anyways).


  • Just like the previous final bosses (except Overkill), his weakpoint was registered as UNKNOWN, although in this instance, modified (the game states that "Analysis is impossible").
  • Near the end of the battle, Wheel of Fate regenerates his life while changing colors from silver to orange. During this phase, he sends out a shower of electricity . Hitting his weak spot (repeatedly) can (heavily) damage him.
  • After the boss fight, the Wheel of Fate says something about the world's current crisis, i.e. overpopulation. This is similar to Goldman's lecture in the final chapter of House of the Dead 2 regarding man's original sin.
  • The Wheel of Fate is briefly mentioned during the "good" ending of The House of the Dead 4: Special by the Mystery Man saying, "That is if there is any hope yet, The Wheel of Fate cannot be stopped."
  • In House of the dead Overkill, during the level Carny, There is one stall called "Wheel Of Fate"

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