Be courteous, or risk facing the BAN HAMMER!

Hello, fellow HOTD Fans.

This is the Rules and Regulations page for this Wikia. To make this Wikia informative and friendly for everyone, please read and follow these guidelines on basic editing etiquette and common courtesy.

Any failure to heed these rules will be addressed and dealt with appropriately.

Happy editing!

~ Dean3


RULE #1: CANONICAL INFORMATION ONLY!!! We've had plenty of fanfiction grievances in the recent past, that have possibly ruined the reputation of this Wikia.

2. Be respectful towards your fellow editors. Trolling and insults WILL NOT be tolerated.

3. No explicit or sexually NSFW imagery please.


First Strike: The offender will be notified and given a friendly warning, as well as a link to this page to refresh any memories. For first offenses, if you feel that the warning is unjustified, don't be afraid to plead your case with a reasonable response, and it will be considered.

Second Strike: The offender will be given a more serious warning, along with the threat of a ban.

Third Strike: The offender will be banned for a week.

Fourth Strike: The offender will be banned for a month.

Fifth Strike: The offender will be banned permanently.

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