Yukio was a member of Thomas Rogan's secret division, serving as one of Rogan's commandos alongside his partner Dan Taylor.

After receiving word that the EFI Research Facility was the source of the worldwide zombie outbreak, Rogan assembled his team of commandos, including Dan and Yukio himself to infiltrate the facility, hoping to stop the zombie outbreak and the birth of the Wheel of Fate. Rogan's commandos were quickly overwhelmed by the zombie horde, at the time only leaving Rogan, Dan and Yukio himself as the last three survivors. Not long after, Yukio also fell victim to the undead when one of them overtook him, biting deep into his shoulder and spilling his blood onto the floor.

Yukio's fallen body remained there until the final chapter. Yukio seemed to have gained an ability to speak English in a deep, monstrous voice. This may be due to him reanimating only recently. You can hear him repeatedly saying "That was for my buddies!Daniel says "I'm not here to fight you!" But he attacks Daniel and Lisa anyway. Due to Yukio's status, he could take far more damage than the other commandos, but was eventually put down. Yukio was a former partner of Captain Dan Taylor himself.


  • When a suddenly infected Yukio gets up as a zombie, he says, "We're humanity's last hope, we can't lose."
  • It is not known where Yukio's handgun along with its holster is given it is present in chapter 0 but not in final fight.
  • In most console and arcade version, Yukio is able to regenerate himself up to five times. In Wii version, however, he fights the players without regenerating himself, making the fight easier to end.


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